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Rating Field Matching Information I Insert in Windows File Explorer

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Hello Poweramp Services,

Firstly, this is an amazing music player app and I believe is the best £5 I have ever spent period.

I use Windows File Explorer to edit the metadata within my mp3 files and also edit the Ratings tab via starring through this. When I copy files over to my phone, it cannot detect my ratings. It requires me to use the Poweramp app to manually add ratings which only get lost overtime when I cut and paste to add all my new recent tracks into the phone. If you could somehow have the ratings include what is in the metadata this would be greatly appreciated in the same way it does when I edit the genres and it detects it.

Brilliant app and brilliant updates always coming through which I always appreciate. One of my favourite features is the visualisation :)   

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As you say, currently Poweramp neither reads nor writes the POPM (Rating) tag. It is something that is quite regularly requested though, see the threads linked from the Frequently Requested Features list:

  • Reading/writing of Rating information (e.g. POPM tags) in physical audio files rather than only maintaining a local database [ LINK  LINK  LINK ].  (Note: third-party app Music Playlist Manager can help with this)

As that list says though, you can use @flyingdutchman's MPM app to transfer ratings both ways - so from PA's database into audio files, and back from files into PA's database.


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