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Cyrillic Letters Showing Up As "#"


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I'm on a Samsung A52 with Android 13. My Poweramp version is build-957-uni.


My Molchat Doma music is showing up with hashtags instead of actual Cyrillic text, which seems to only be an issue with Molchat Doma since one of my other songs uses Cyrillic yet everything looks fine. What do I do?ejvwnc.jpga2zpw1.jpg

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Probably non-standard encoding of Unicode (UTF-8) text in the files, try loading one of the problem files into a tag editor (e.g. MP3Tag or TagScanner on a PC) and if it looks OK, just re-save it. May need to do a Full Rescan after reinstating the edited file.

You could also try force reading as a different encoding method, in Settings=>Library=>Scanner=>Tag Encoding, but proper Unicode is a better solution.


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