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eq not work on bilibili


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@andrewilley bilibili not in known player list or advamced mode app list. Poweramp also can not record bilibili voice and show its spectrum diagram.

wavelet app can work on bilibili.when i used Poweramp eq other version,i seen to be able to found bilibili app in player list(It could be a misunderstanding).

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@yu243e it looks like bilibili devs actively prevent equalizing their app and it's very hard to fight, honestly. It creates like 6 processes concurrently and we can't generally equalize them - system has no resources to do so. Poweramp Equalizer already has some support for such apps, but app is always free to break this if developers has no idea. The best strategy here is to complain to the developers with request for equalization support (they can use one session id for all their audio instead of wasting resources). Thanks!

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@maxmp wavelet app is done well with legacy mode.,no permission required.

Can you try and learn from it?

bilibili likes niconico china version.

When I switch to another music, it audio session number from 233 to 241.it's audio session number is not fixed.I try to  open multi session option, but it still doesn't work.

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I bought Poweramp and Poweramp eq.Think you for your wonderful software.

I hope to be able to use eq on bilibili or other video players.



Wait a minute,I just found bilibili in player list,emememm. I uninstalld Poweramp eq and reinstalled, and bilibili also not in any list.

About three days later, I found bilibili in player list,not in advanced list.

It works now.

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