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Add .LRC downloader function

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Hope we can expect to insert or download .lrc files for synchronized lyrics to our music files in the future. Manually or in 3rd party apps. It is best for karaoke or carpool with friends and family.

Been using the app for almost a decade. Best music player ever.

More power to Poweramp team and looking forward to it.

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That facility is already in place in the current builds (948 onwards). There is an API (interface allowing apps to talk directly to each other) which extends the existing facility of searching and displaying static lyrics within an external app to also allow external apps to pass lyric content back to Poweramp for displaying directly. Whether the supplied lyrics are synced (i.e. with timecodes) or static would depend on what the third-party app finds.

Currently I believe the author of Lyrics 2 is working on supporting the new API, and of course any other third-party developers are welcome to do the same.


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