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진동모드가 풀리네요.

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설명이 부족했습니다.

핸드폰을 소리, 진동, 무음 중에 진동으로 해 놓은 상태에서 이어폰을 연결하여 음악을 재생하면 핸드폰의 진동이 소리로 바뀌게 됩니다.

Hi-Res 출력을 활성화 해 놓은 상태입니다.

OpenSL, AudioTrack 출력 활성화 상태에서는 진동이 잘 유지 됩니다.


I used the transrator. 

The explanation was poor.

If I play music by connecting earphones while the cell phone is set to vibrate among sound, vibration, and silence, the vibration of the cell phone turns into sound.

The Hi-Res output is activated.

When OpenSL, AudiooTrack output is activated, vibration is maintained well.

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Sorry, still not really understanding what you are saying, the translation is not being very clear in this case.

Are you talking about the feature on phones to briefly vibrate or 'buzz' - for example to accompany an incoming phone call ring-tone, or when a notification appears, or when you tap a key on the keyboard? The buzzer device being inside the phone. Are you saying that buzzer is vibrating in time to the music?


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I usually used phone vibrate mode001_how-to-make-your-phone-vibrate-47674

connecting the earphone and play the music 

then the vibrate mode was changed the sound mode

It is automatically changed

I want the vibrate mode not changed the sound mode 

It happend Hi-Res output activated

If I setting OpenSL or AudioTrack output activatede 

the vibrate mode was not changed the sound mode

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Ah, I understand. So the phone is not continuously vibrating when music is playing, which is what I thought you were saying. But when you enable High-Res output in Poweramp and plug in a wired headset, your phone's main audio option in Android gets changed from your normal mute+vibrate setting to speaker-on mode.

Poweramp is able to force your speaker to be muted when High-Res audio is playing, perhaps that option has been activated by mistake? Have a look at PA Settings=>Audio>Advanced Tweaks=>Force Speaker Off (for Hi-Res Output). Also try using Emulate Media Stream (for Hi-Res Output) in the same menu.


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I tried setting what you told.

But it is not working.

Still connected wired headset and played the music -> phone's audio setting get changed vibrate mode to speaker mode.

When I finished listening music, I change phone's audio setting get changed speaker to vibrate every time. 😭

Do you have another solution?

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@Mei Tsuki hi-res may do this as it may volume "stream" reserved for the ring on some devices/firmwares for the DVC. Your options:

- don't use DVC + Hi-Res
- don't use Hi-Res, use standard definition output + DVC
- don't use vibrate


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