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Track listening time and history (like spotify unwrapped)

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it would be amazing to have a feature that tracks the time u spend on the app and a lifelong database of played song history, something like spotify unwrapped perhaps. although a special design and all isnt really required, at least advanced statistics would be cool. i have already tried last.fm but it does not track the time you play songs only how many songs are played. i have also tried app tracking apps and the inbuilt digital wellbeing, but they are often really inaccurate.

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There is an existing request for a Statistics page already, and much of the information you would want is the database anyway - Last Played Time and Play Count for each song can be viewed via Info/Tags for example, so an overall stats list would be fairly easy to build.

On 4/28/2022 at 11:05 AM, andrewilley said:
  • Statistics via a Library item (total songs/albums/artists with durations, overall play count this week/month, etc) [ LINK1  LINK2  LINK3 ]   

Some things might get cleared by a Full Rescan though, and also if you rename any given file or folder (as the database entries are connected to individual files by their exact path/filename, not by tag data).


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