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Poweramp doesn't recognize unsynced lyrics

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Poweramp build number: build-955-uni

Device model: Vivo Y12s 

Android version: 11

Custom ROM name/version: None

Steps to reproduce: Get .lrc files (unsychronized). You can readily make one up for testing purposes. Place in the same folder as track. Open Poweramp, find track, open and open the lyrics panel. In every instance of unsychronized lyrics I have it has always said "No lyrics" when that isn't the case.

These screenshots show that I have LRC files Poweramp isn't recognizing. It works for synced LRCs but not unsynced






Another player recognizes them just fine:



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Why do you think it's a bug? Moved to feature requests.

LRC is format for synchronized lyrics. You probably want plain text supported in lrc files? This is non standard feature which can't be "invented" out of thin air without appropriate user request/test files/discussion.

Thanks for the request!

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13 minutes ago, elucid8 said:

What kinds of discussions would be necessary, if LRC is itself just plain text? It seems obvious, but if you would like to take time, I'll wait then 

I think the point here is that LRC files by design are supposed to be synced lyrics, with proper time tags included before each line. A programming change to Poweramp would be required to overlook these missing tags if that is what you are using instead of the proper file type for unsynced lyrics.


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