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  1. You'll need to grant Tasker (paid, 3rd party app) adb permissions via PC (search tutorials online) or with the LADB app (again, search tutorials for this) It's a one-time thing, so I strongly recommend doing most or all of the permissions in the extensive list below so you don't ever have to worry about Tasker permissions. I've forgotten the exact one you need for this specific process, but you'll be reminded in the Tasker app https://www.reddit.com/r/tasker/comments/e2mjzk/adb_additional_permissions_list/ Here's the task: https://taskernet.com/shares/?user=AS35m8m6PdaeVocfnxwaBxRIYGws0vmj%2Bns010SyLgBwWCOHchmIhh3BULofUd7uSuOTDgy9AA%2Fkg0U%3D&id=Task%3AUnload+Poweramp Under Profile tab, create a new profile, select 'Application' type, leave only the Services box marked, and select all the apps you don't want Poweramp overriding. That's all. Let's hope that when the dev has the time, he can implement this into the Poweramp, so no need for Tasker. Fingers crossed.
  2. Solved by a fresh reinstall of the app EDIT: The issue still came back after some days. What follows is a hack that does work but requires Tasker, surprisingly it's eerily similar to the initial proposal for a solution that was dismissed. I'll post it soon.
  3. The same issue was brought up on Reddit about a year ago, so I'm probably not the only one: https://www.reddit.com/r/Poweramp/comments/vimmuc/there_is_a_problem_with_how_poweramp_responds_to/
  4. I have already done that, unfortunately. From the start. Keep service works, but it's too aggressive. You are completely right in saying that disabling Battery optimization is "the proper way", it's just that things aren't always ideal.
  5. This solves the problem, but now Poweramp dies (almost) immediately after a brief pause. Optimally it would: 1. Suspend all controls of media once another app has taken over media playback and kill the service (Keep Service could have an extra toggle to Always keep service, with the current behavior) Is this approach reasonable? @maxmp
  6. Disabling Keep Service does it Edit: Kinda, but not without creating another issue
  7. Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About): 967-bundle-play Your device model: Vivo Y12s Your Android version: 11 Steps to reproduce: Play music with Poweramp. Pause and cancel Poweramp (X button in notification). Open another app, start playing something. Now pause on the bluetooth device. Try playing next. Instead of the current app to play, Poweramp ends up playing instead. Poweramp will always override other apps except it has been Force Stopped.
  8. Like YouTube music, the audio stream of the video file as the music file.
  9. Pretty straightforward. I like tuning my apps to sound similar to PA, it would be cool if PA does the switching automatically, based on the previous assignments.
  10. Baseus M2S Filters.txt This tunes Baseus Bowie M2S to sound like Tangzu Wan'er It's basically Parametric EQ settings. I've updated the initial post for clarification. @andrewilley
  11. squig.link is a aggregate of earphone measurements. One way you can use it is to tune your earphones to a sound signature closer to another earphones. Currently, the wavelet export file feature on squig.link works totally fine with Poweramp (but it's graphic EQ settings). After autoEq'ing, the site also offers a Parametric EQ filter txt file, but you can't import it to Poweramp. It's a pretty straightforward affair:the Frequency the type of Filter, Gain, Q value are all in the clear text import file. It's just making it compatible with Poweramp.
  12. Very much like what Shazam provides when you match a song using their floating bubble/button, just a refined one with all the usual behavior of PA's lyrics panel (scrolling and fading; or in this case hiding the lyrics blob until a new line timestamp is reached, because it can become obstructive if left to stay), preferably with three lines on display. Here's what it looks like in real time for Shazam, to give an idea of what I'm trying to describe: Screenrecording_20230227_065030.mp4
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