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how to hide "unknown album" on album list?


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Use MP3tag to copy song title tag value to album tag value, or give them all an album title of "Singles".

Slightly relevant setting within Poweramp would be under Settings-> Library-> Lists-> (Toggle) "Hide Unknown Album, No Unknown Album shown in track labels"

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That's what I do too. For singles, or anything else with no album concept, I set the values of both the Album and Album Artist tags to "(Singles)". I use the brackets so the item is shown at the start of alphabetised lists so I can find my singles collection easily. If you'd prefer for it to be tucked away at the end of any lists as an appendix, use square brackets instead - "[Singles]". If you just use the word "Singles" on its own, the item will get sorted along with the 'S' albums in lists, where it gets kinda lost.

Which reminds me, @maxmp , some time back I suggested that all of the 'Unknown' items within category lists (Unknown Album, Unknown Artist, etc) should always be displayed at the end of any lists views, as a sort of appendix. It's always seemed a bit counter-intuitive to me for those items to be hidden away with the 'U' albums/artists, as it's not really a 'U' name at all and it just gets lost in there.


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