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Lyrics 2 app as prefered lyrics app


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Link now working, not sure why it didn't yesterday.

I believe Max's intention in providing an API for lyrics is that it will now be possible for third-parties to develop plugins that can be used with Poweramp to provide lyrics from external sources. I don't think he was planning to build specific provider code into the Poweramp core app. But I could be wrong in my understanding of that feature.


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@pedrini69 @MrBertie

As I understand it, there are two external facilities here.

First is a pretty simple system whereby information about the currently playing song (Title, Artist, etc) is passed over to another app which then opens its own interface to show you what it found - like a Google search results page. I can't see any reason why the Lyrics_2 app couldn't be added to the existing selection list for this purpose - as long as it accepts external search requests.

Second (and I'm not quite so clear on this one) is the new API that Max has created, which I believe functions bidirectionally to allow an external app to be queried and then pass its results text back to Poweramp so PA can display those lyrics within the main Player interface (in the same way it does with embedded lyrics or LRC files). At least I think that's how it's meant to work, and as such it would require the external app to include some extra code to support this API too - or presumably an additional third-party app could be written to act as an intermediary between the two.  

By the way Max, I think if the user has specifically selected 'None' in Preferred Lyrics App settings page, the prompt to 'Open Lyrics App' should not be displayed when a song is missing lyrics.


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@pedrini69 thanks for the request. I've checked that app, and the app already has notification listener, that is, it already can intercept current played track data in any player, including Poweramp. Also it's written in Flutter and it has no any API available, meaning we can only open its main activity, we can't pass any data to it to immediately search the lyrics.

@andrewilley the lyrics API is first step,the next step would be something like Foobar2000's ESlyrics with scriptable lyrics site parsers https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php/topic,122571.0.html, but this depends on user requests for the feature.

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Hello all, Lyrics 2 author here.

First of all, let me  thank you for your interest in my app. I will give a look at lyric API and try and implement it in Lyrics 2.

In fact I was thinking about implementing some kind of "deep linking" where you call the app with a song/author string  as a parameter and it opens directly at the correct lyrics, if it can find some. I have been a bit worried about implementing  this feature because Genius and Chartlyrics search engines are a bit fuzzy and sometimes they don't return the searched song as the very first result even when they are given a precise input. So isn't always easy to pick the right lyrics .

Anyway I try and will keep you posted about my progress.


PS: Oh, and btw thanks for Poweramp, as it's been one of my favorite players for years. Excellent work!


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