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inconsistent on lists/lyrics background

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it was working fine, but when i searched a song on a playlist, play it, then turn off the shuffle to turn it on in shuffle songs/categories again (so the song i picked it's the first one on the shuffle) when i do the swipe up to see the lyrics it has no background, but when i change to the next songs some others has background and the other ones not. it's inconsistent.

it happened yesterday too. i don't remember if i did the same thing or not, but i fixed it restarting my phone. Poweramp started to make a full rescan (which it never does when i restarted my phone before the update), and it was working fine 'till today when i did what i said on the first paragraph.


thanks for the update. really amazing! 

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i really love the recent update, but this specific feature it's kinda broken at least in my case. some songs has this lyrics/lists background and others not. it seems to happen randomly but it happens often.


i didn't see more people complaining about this topic so that's the reason why i'm asking.

and yes, i did report the bug on the bug report forum.

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In theory, enabling the options should make the background behind library category lists and/or behind the lyrics display take on a slightly muted version of the Background effect that has been chosen for the Player screen. It seems to work pretty reliably for me in Lyrics, but not in the Lists screens for some reason.

I would not expect the setting to make any difference outside of the default skins at the moment until skin authors update their code to match.


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update: i just noticed it only happens on shuffle mode where sometimes it displays other songs lyrics background (you can noticed by the colors of the background where that shown color it's not on the album cover at all) or doesn't show a background at all.

by just taping the play button on any list (no shuffle) works perfectly.

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@ihaspei couldn't reproduce. It works this way - for lists with some cover/artist/etc. header it uses colors from that header, for lists without such header (all songs, queue, or top level playlists) - the current played track gives the background.

The background color is extra conservative as it should be 100% readable, but 3rd party skins can modify that. Lyrics UI uses slightly more colorful background.


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@ihaspei  I've just done some tests and it does seem to be working OK for me, although the extra blurring can sometimes make it feel otherwise.

I've got a total of seven songs in my music library that contain embedded lyrics (one of those that I created for myself for testing purposes) and I've added them all to one Playlist. In the Library view, that playlist has picked up its thumbnail/header artwork from the first song in the list, as expected. When I enable lyric viewing while listening to that list, each song shows with a different coloured background (so it's not based on one single Playlist header graphic) but although the blurring process can sometimes over-emphasise some parts of the colour scheme you might not expect, the Lyric background does seem to still be based on the song artwork background. For example I found things like relatively small coloured banner title text at the top can affect the colouring of most of the top half of the new image.

To verify this, try doing a very slow and gradual swipe-up on the cover artwork and you should see the background gradually fade/morph into a less intense and more blurred version of the Player background. It's easier to see if you set the master player Background options for less Blur and more Detail.


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thanks for the response!

i tried to test it a little more and clarify some things:

lists background: this one works perfectly on any list (including playlists)

- lyrics background:

here i tried to test it again lowering the blurriness and increasing the detail of the background. this is what i found:

1) playing from any list (except playlist): works fine. no problem at all.

2) playing from playlists: i create a playlist with just that album and there's not lyrics background at all. (on shuffle mode it's the same result)

and sometimes this happens. that playing from playlists it shows completely other lyrics background:

i don't really know why is this happening. i don't know if it's my decide or something (i let that info on previous responses). i'm using the default dark skin from the app too

if you need some info or file for test just let me know.

thanks for replying!

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