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Poweramp app not scanning folders using Android Document Providers

Spirit Cloud

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I am the developer of an Android app called SpiritCloud and this issue was brought to my attention by a customer.  Spirit Cloud creates document providers that will serve up remote content using network file sharing.  These document providers can be browsed using the Android system explorer which is integrated into Poweramp and is presented to the Poweramp user when they select "Add Folder or Storage" within the "Folder Selection" dialog box.  Once a document provider is selected though and enabled in the Folder selection list, it is not scanned by Poweramp.  I suspect Poweramp is expecting the directory that is returned by the system explorer dialog to be a local directory.  These are the steps I followed:

  • Download a trial version of Poweramp and launch it

  • Select Folers within Poweramp

  • Add Folder or Storage which brings up the system file explorer

  • Select the Spirit Cloud server for a remote export

  • Navigate to a directory on the remote and click use this folder

  • The remote folder is visible in Poweramps "folder selection" list

  • and click save.

Now at the same time, I ran "wireshark" on my remote system. Wireshark is a network packet analyzer which will capture all traffic between the phone and the server.

I then clicked "rescan" in Poweramp. But unfortunately it appears that Poweramp didn't actually attempt to scan the remote share. No network traffic was generated and no content was discovered by Poweramp.

The question may be summarized as "Does Poweramp support Android's Storage Access Framework"?

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@Spirit Cloud Poweramp optimizes scanning the 3rd party providers to reduce possible hit on user battery (as each media file related change will trigger some sort of rescan). By default Poweramp will scan Provider once and won't rescan it automatically, unless:

- provider explicitly sends rescan request to Poweramp
- user uses Rescan option from within Provider's folder in Poweramp (Folders or Folders Hierarchy categories)
- user uses Rescan or Full Rescan option from Poweramp Settings / Library

There is also "Scan Providers" option (disabled by default) which will force Poweramp to rescan Providers automatically in other cases.

Poweramp Providers support is documented here: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/tree/master/poweramp_provider_example - you may want to check Scanning, Data Refresh paragraph. Poweramp also slightly extends the Providers API to support some features better suited for the music playback/streaming (such as seeking within track).

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