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Can't find way to change playback position in individual track

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I can't figure out how to move back and forth within an individual track. I see the display of the current position, but how do I change it to repeat or skip parts of a track during playback. I've searched but I can't seem to get the keywords right to find the answer to this. It's really the only feature I much care about in a music player, since I'm hoping to use it to practice voice exercises and song repertoire.

Thank you for reading and responding to this. I'm sorry I'm new to this and don't know where to find the right tags to use on this post.

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The waveseek bar is the area behind the buttons, slide your finger left or right to move forward or backward in a song - the wider you swipe, the greater the movement:


If you prefer a traditional 'straight line' style of seekbar (with a slidable cursor showing how far into the track you are) you can enable that using PA Settings=>Look and Feel=>Skin=>Seekbar Style=>Simple:



There are even some third-party skins that allow you to use both options on the same screen:



You can also hold down the << or >> buttons to go into Rewind or FastForward playback.


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