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Songs show duplicates


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Since the latest update, I'm seeing duplicate songs showing in the song list under all songs.  I used the library listing to actually delete duplicates over time and found that I'm deleting all the copies of the song.  In looking in details of the song, they both are referencing the exact same file.  I searched the device and confirmed there is only one instance of the song.  Deleting one of them causes the only file to be deleted.

When comparing the file counts on the device, it's about 14413 songs which is much higher than the device has.  I moved the music folder elsewhere and the library in Power amp emptied but the duplicates came back when restoring the folder.  I've tried rescan and full rescan with no change.

build 934-939 Full version showing this symptom on Galaxy S20 (android 11) and LG V35 (Android 10).  Stock ROMs for both devices.  

Library is 9 folders with 9831 songs split among the folders mostly evenly.  It's a mix of wma, MP3, flac and m4a files.  


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If you have actual duplicates in a different path (maybe a backup location) then they will show as such when you look at their Info/Tags and you'll be able to see both paths are different.

If you have more than one location selected in Music Folders, I'd suggest choosing only the one that you know contains your music - .e.g. "My Music". Don't try select root levels of any storage, just tick the actual location (which will tick any subfolders too). 


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I confirmed the folders are set to \Music\Phone Music.  The other folder in \Music is basically empty based on folder size.  It seems to have fixed itself by the following.  The backups are on an SMB location.  

1. Removing entire phone music folder and confirming the library cleared out.

2. Adding one song to the same folder structure it came from \Music\Phone Music\3 creating new folders which then showed it duplicated again.

3. Moving the song up into the root of Music which cleared the library again.

4. Changed library directory to the root of music.  Only the one song appeared.

5. Changed the library search, song and the folder structure back to the test of #2.  Only one appeared again still

6.  Copied the 'Phone Music' folder back into the Music folder replacing the one file that remained.  After the full search was done, I'm not seeing the duplicates through the track listing anymore.  

Thanks again.  

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