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Add "+ and -" button for other knob

Mr. Max

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You added "+ and -" button for "tempo" right? So it will be great if you add "+ and -" button for Bass knob, treble knob, balance knob, stereo expand knob and volume knob.

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@Mr. Max That page is full, unless the Bass knob and Treble knob has to be moved.

One thing you should know, I think there is a reason for adding the - and + buttons for tempo, each music has a tempo (Rhymes) it follows, 1 2, 1 2, continuesly, or 1, 24 1, 24. So if you change the tempo in an odd step, the music will sound out of place. 

Also, jumping from 1x tempo to 6x tempo will sound to unpleasant, especially if others are also listening, so the - and + is for smooth transition. 

But with Bass and Treble, my above explanation does not affect them much.

I'm not saying having - & + buttons for them is useless, but not that necessary considering what we have on that page. 


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