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"All Songs" Positioning?


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In the "All Songs" it was positioned to the last song. I was playing music from the Queue with setting to Stay in queue on end. I cleared the Queue and then let the screen timeout. When I next woke up the phone "All Songs" was no longer positioned at the end where I left it but was positioned at some other song in the "All Songs" category. Is this normal or is it a bug? I would expect that it should have remained where I last left it?

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If you go to straight to any Library Category, it will be initially displayed at the top. That includes the All Songs category.

While you are currently playing a song, tapping on the album artwork area will show you the current song within the current category. If you started playlist in All Songs mode, that's what you will be shown.

A couple of Categories (Folders and Playlists) have a List Options setting for remembering the last playback position, but most don't support this. Even that only supports remembering a played song, not a scrolled viewing position.


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In my case I had left the category of All Songs positioned to the Last song in the All Songs category, song number 24826 of 24826. This was the last category before I played an album in the Queue. The Queue is set to Stay in Queue on end. I then cleared the Queue and let the screen time out. When I woke the phone up and went to All Songs neither at the Top as you said nor where I left it at the last song in the All Songs category but like song number 4307 of 24826. And I do not have shuffle or random, just straight through top to bottom.

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