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1 hour ago, Michael Prosise said:

I haven't been able to use this app since I downloaded it up on purchase I can't figure out how to add tracks to library for playlists

Are the music files in a folder and stored on your phone already? You need to point Poweramp to that folder and let it scan them into the library.

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First, you need to grant access and add any music folders that contain music files. If you are using a modern Android phone, use the normal rather than Legacy file access mode. Grant permissions to your music folder/s (which will include any subfolders) not to the root of a storage area. Then let Poweramp scan those folders and bring all of your songs into its music library database.

Once done, any playlists that were already contained in those folders should also appear in the Playlists category. If not, either move the playlist files into a subfolder of your existing music folders, or go back and grant access to wherever you stored the playlist files. Any songs which match exactly by both FILENAME and FIRST LEVEL CONTAING FOLDER will be resolved so the songs can be shown in the Playlist view.


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