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Resume after missing file

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I cannot find that option to resume playback after a file fails to play for being absent on the disk...

The playback completely stops when that happens, and I have to hit Next then Play.


The search function on the settings is not finding this option



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If Poweramp cannot play one or two files due to read-errors (such as file system corruption or a file having been deleted) it will skip that file and play the next one. If there are multiple unplayable files, that is considered indicative of a major issue with either the Library data or the device's storage (perhaps the required storage is not mounted) and it will stop attempting to play rather than trying to continue all the way through an unplayable library. That behaviour cannot be changed, it is a response to an error condition.

If you find you have quite a number of corrupted or missing files in your Library then you need to fix the issue with your device. If a lot of files are missing (maybe you have renamed or moved some folders, or you are using a new SD Card) do a Full Rescan in PA Settings=>Library. The normal automatic scanning process on app startup should deal with odd changes, additions or a few removals - but it won't remove entries when it finds bulk content is missing (e.g. a storage card being temporarily unavailable).

If many files are present but corrupted and unplayable, reformat the SD Card and copy your music back again from a reliable source.


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In my case, it's only one or the other file that is missing. Not a string of missing files. My behavior is in disaccord to the expected behavior, apparently.

I'm playing from a playlist, by the way. A playlist with a broken entry here or there among hundreds of good files.


Poweramp 939


This reminds me of a suggestion: a way to heal the playlist (including the .m3u) using a set of metadata and file/folder names to identify a song that has changed somehow.

There is the Resolve playlist option, but it doesn't do a deeper fixing when the filename or folder has changed, for instante.

I know this could cause misassociations, but it's a risk the user will be happy to take when all their .m3u is destroyed...

You may also use comments (#) to write tags on the .m3u to facilitate reassociation


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So you are not talking about actual file issues, but Playlist content issues. In your case, the song is still present in the Library and can be played from there - for example in the All Songs list - but you have some faulty Playlists that point to a file (or files) that you have moved, renamed or deleted.

Remember that a Playlist is nothing more than a sequential text list of filenames and the paths that they can be found in, it has no knowledge of the contents of the file, song metadata, or anything beyond the file's name in storage.

Poweramp reads a playlist file (e.g. an M3U file) line by line and for each entry it tries to match the mentioned filename and folder to any file that has already been scanned into its music database. If it finds a match (using filename and folder name) that file will be played when you listen to the Playlist. If it doesn't find a match, the filename will be shown as a placeholder so you know there's an unplayable item in the list.

If you subsequently rename the file or its containing folder, the link will be broken and a playlist will stop at that point. The Resolve function will try to find the file again, but it will not be able to find it if you've renamed it or put it in a different folder.


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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

If it doesn't find a match, the filename will be shown as a placeholder so you know there's an unplayable item in the list.


The problem lies in that part of the explanation

When the player doesn't find a match, it stops playing.

Instead, it should add the placeholder and resume the playback

How to change this behavior ?


Thank you all for the support so far




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  • Solution

You can't change that behaviour in Poweramp, you need to repair your Playlists so the M3U files point correctly to actual music files in your library.

I will move this to Feature Requests though, as I agree it would be preferable when encountering a playlist entry that was originally correct but has been since broken by having the audio file moved or renamed should behave in the same manner as when a file was never found in the first place.

@maxmp Currently, an entry in a playlist that was never resolved at all will be shown in the playlist's song view as an orphan filename, and it will be skipped when encountered during playback. However an entry that was initially resolved correctly to a library item, and thus shows Title/Album/Artist info from the tags - but for which the audio file has since been removed or renamed - will stop playback rather than skipping on to the next valid entry.

[Edit: I can't reproduce this behaviour now; renaming a file that is referenced within a playlist now seems to correctly skip the song rather than stopping. It definitely stopped after one removed file when I tested it earlier]


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