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Override Android volume with better volume


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I don't know if all Android devices are the same, but my Archos 43 has a pretty bad volume control. In particular, there's this one point near the top where I'd swear it jumps at least 6dB with one button press and I want it to only go up about 3dB. There's just no accuracy in the upper volume range at all and no matter how hard I try I just can't quite get it right. The best I've been able to do so far is MP3Gain process all of my music to a weird number, and then slightly adjust ReplayGain in Poweramp to get it just a bit closer to something that comes out about right at those volume levels. What I'd really love to see though is if ReplayGain could just override the device controls. Basically, just have the device use full volume (I know programs can do this because I have one game that sometimes does it even) and then take over the volume control buttons with your own software volume control with much more accuracy and control instead. The resulting control would be more accurate and generally better for everyone I think.

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