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  1. Is the problem something in the tags? It seems a bit more elementary than that. This sounds like a problem in the container's metadata or something.
  2. So as a bit of an update, I guess it's actually cutting ALL of my M4As short. Initially I guess I was mostly just testing the ones it was showing a short time on in the file list because somehow I didn't notice, but over the time since I posted this thread, while driving, I've noticed it cutting short everything that I at least knew was a M4A -- far more than just the handful I initially thought it was. I'd really like to know if there isn't some way I can fix this. I'm wondering if what it comes down to is I need to adjust something in the muxer. For example, maybe the framerat
  3. That is strange. In the meantime, is there any way I can fix the problem files? Though I don't relish going through them and manually fixing each, I guess I should.
  4. I already sent an e-mail with something. First I transferred the file over from the phone to my PC and verified that it definitely works. (There really should be no way corruption could have occurred anyway, but I think this verifies it did not.) I forced the file to retag via MP3Tag (what I usually use -- it supports quite a large number of formats despite the name) and it had the same effect -- still cuts off at the same point. Just to be sure I even tried remuxing it into a new package. Same result. I have to assume the possibility there could be something like maybe an err
  5. Ok. I'll see what I can do on that. Don't worry about files being different btw. I transfer the files over via SFTP (Servers Ultimate Pro offers this among others and I frequently find it to be very useful for a number of things including being able to transfer files wirelessly without dealing with MTP drivers or etc.) They're completely untouched from their original. It seems like maybe it's happening only on my M4A (AAC) files, but I can't really say for certain if it's definitely exclusively those. It's not all M4As either but very very few. I'll try to go through and see
  6. I recently did an update after a very long time (so unfortunately I can't identify exactly what version I had before or where exactly this started.) Ever since that update Poweramp has been just randomly skipping to the next song while playing. As far as I can tell it does so at a completely random point. It can be after playing for an hour, then suddenly skip and a few songs later suddenly skip again or even skip once then wait an hour to skip again. Once it even skipped in the middle of two songs in a row. As far as I can really tell it seems to be random. At this point I pr
  7. Yeah, like I said, I'm on it now in fact. So, paging through, I get some album art again now. It seems almost like there's some factor involved like it not liking certain sorts of album art. Unfortunately, I use shuffle, so I can't go back and forgot what I had it on with no art. I'll have to go through later when I have time to try to figure out which files seemed to not work. Or perhaps manually clearing the cache makes it start working again but only temporarily. I think I did download album art for an album or two last time.
  8. Well, I'm back. I was wrong. When I did that before album art started showing up again in most things, but now it's suddenly gone again. This time I went into the settings under album art and hit the clear cache option, but to no avail. I still see no album art within Poweramp itself. I confirmed that things with embedded images were failing to show them even.
  9. Bear in mind that every one of these came from before that update where everything broke. So my guess is how it stored the data changed at some point or other. I didn't really look at them in much detail, but I did notice one had a date from 2012, so that's how old these files are apparently.
  10. Well, obviously going across devices I would lose settings. (Well, ok, I suppose I could try to restore via TitaniumBackup, but that doesn't seem worth the effort.) Actually, the switch to the alpha version should obviously have lost all settings anyway since it isn't technically the same app. However, you still lead me towards the answer it seems. So one thing I've kept all this time was the "albumart.pamp" files that Poweramp was placing in folders. I didn't particularly want to redownload some of the higher resolution covers for some stuff. My guess is at some point it chan
  11. So I think I asked about this a long time ago, but the problem remains and I didn't find that thread in an initial search at least. Simply put, Poweramp hasn't shown album art within the app itself in years. It stopped all of a sudden one time with an update, but that was several devices ago and never again have I seen my album art in any songs. Whether downloaded or embedded. I've tried changing settings around. For example, I've tried both with and without settings like the 24-bit RGB. Thinking maybe setting it to prefer downloaded album art might override the embedded art in songs whe
  12. So now that this latest Poweramp can (on supported devices) actually change to a sample rate other than 48KHz, I think it should have an option to change the sample rate depending on the input and use whatever the actual input uses. Eg play a 44.1KHz file at 44.1KHz, a 48KHz at 48KHz, etc etc. Perhaps a nice option might be to have a 2x option for an exact doubling resample (eg 44.1 to 88.2 which IS an official standard for digital devices, but not thought of normally so I'm not sure if it works in Android, and 48 would obviously double to the rather well known 96.) Obviously it wouldn't do
  13. 1. SONY Xperia Z3 Compact 2. Android 6.0.1 stock (I guess CyanogenMod has abandoned the Z3c, but it seems SONY hasn't surprisingly enough.) 3. The link posted earlier ( http://blogs.sonymobile.com/2014/10/01/xperia-details-hi-res-audio/ ) includes the Z3 Compact. I think in this respect it may actually basically have the same sound-related hardware as the Z3. BTW, it sounds just amazing through my external DAC (a Fiio E18K.) Just... They gave it a super tiny USB cable that assumes all Android devices have their USB connection on the bottom and quite a lot of SONY de
  14. I think it might be nice if Poweramp someday implemented a crossfeed. Basically the idea of crossfeed is to apply a bit of delay and mixing to stereo sound to essentially emulate the crossfeeding one gets when listening to speakers instead of headphones (eg you hear a bit of the sound from the left speaker in your right ear and a bit of the right speaker in your left ear with a subtle delay among other things.) Probably the best info I could show for how exactly this works would be the Foobar "bs2b" (Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural) plugin as it has a lot of details and code available to all
  15. Ah, I see what you mean. I didn't expect to have to look there. Still, I cared less about the sorting and more about the actual browsing itself. I never did like browsing by tags -- you almost might just as well not even use folder mode at all when you're using tags IMO. EDIT: Oops, either it was added in an update since I posted this or there has always been an option hidden right there in that same settings menu to browse folders by filename. In that case, I guess my suggestion is only that when browsing by filename, it shouldn't rely on scanning. After all, all it has to do is a simple
  16. I actually like to sort my files my own way, so use file and folder sorting rather than sorting by things like albums or artists (this is, in no small part, due to the fact that I generally only listen to one or two tracks from an album.) Poweramp has always been good about this, but, in a recent update it seems to have started showing ID tags even in the folder view even though I've tried every setting I could to try to keep it from doing this. This means it has to scan the files now and it also takes longer to show the folder view this way. It also means files are no longer sorted the sam
  17. I don't know if all Android devices are the same, but my Archos 43 has a pretty bad volume control. In particular, there's this one point near the top where I'd swear it jumps at least 6dB with one button press and I want it to only go up about 3dB. There's just no accuracy in the upper volume range at all and no matter how hard I try I just can't quite get it right. The best I've been able to do so far is MP3Gain process all of my music to a weird number, and then slightly adjust ReplayGain in Poweramp to get it just a bit closer to something that comes out about right at those volume leve
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