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Switching folders quickly


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I have a folder named "Albums", which has nothing but full albums in it, and I have a folder named "Tracks", which has nothing but individual music files in it. I'm having trouble switching from one folder to the other easily, and I feel I am doing something basically wrong, because it takes too many moves to perform this.

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That's not a lot to go on. Do you have both folders selected in the Settings>Library>Music Folders area? If yes, then all of your files should be visible from Poweramp's browser. You can then access them by many ways, but sounds like you want Folders or Folders Hierarchy from the main browser page. You drill down from there into the folders you want.

Or just use the Albums/Artists/Album Artists/Genres/Years/Composers/Playlists to search in a more usable manner as is one of the benefits of a player like Poweramp. As long as your files have the appropriate metadata tagging of course.

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Presumably the two folders 'Albums' and 'Tracks' exist on their own inside whatever your overall master music folder is called - e.g. 'Music', which is the location enabled in Poweramp's Music Folders section menu.

If so, set your default Library startup view to go directly to 'Folders Hierarchy'. To set this, go into the main Library Categories page, tap Menu > List Options, and long-press on 'Folders Hierarchy'. Then whenever you use the Library icon (lower-left) you will be taken straight to the Folders Hierarchy page.

If this view opens to the 'Music' folder first, then you can avoid having to drill-down an extra layer by also enabling Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Folders Hierarch Immediate Root. That will open the library view already showing the 'Albums' and 'Tracks' folders that you wanted.


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