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Rescan doesn't add new tracks, but doing a Full Rescan works.

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Android 12 - Samsung s10+ - Reading files of a USB C micro sd card adapter

After the initial Full Rescan, adding any new songs and using the Rescan option results in Rescan not adding any new files. For the USB Folder Permissions, I have it set to the topmost directory on the USB.

This is the complete flow on the issue:

1. Plug in USB Storage

2. Allow Poweramp to access the top-level directory of the USB drive

3. Doing Full Rescan has it scanning everything just fine

4. Close the app, then unmount the USB Storage

5. Add new songs, then connect it back to the phone

6. Pressing Rescan results in nothing (no new songs are added)

As mentioned, doing a Full Rescan works, but having to do that every time I make any changes would be extremely annoying. The app has been flawless besides this. If this issue can be figured out, this will be my new music player for sure.

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Presumably by removing and re-inserting the USB drive, Android is not getting notified that there have been any changes made to the contents, which a quick rescan must be relying on. Try adding some files using an Android file explorer with the USB drive connected to your phone, and see if that behaves differently.

Oh, and its not generally a good idea to assign permissions to root levels of storage - especially in Android 12+ where Google are trying to clamp down on granting overarching permissions. Preferably assign permission to one individual folder that then contains all your music subfolders. It currently still works with Legacy File Access Mode, but we don't know how long that will continue to work for.


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I moved everything to a subfolder and made that the directory Poweramp can access. Then I tried adding an album and moving it from usb storage to internal storage and back again to usb, but that still didn't trigger a rescan. Has anyone ever gotten USB storages working with rescan in the past? Or is this like uncharted territories?

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The quick rescan relies on files and folders modification time. If this is incorrect (for example, set in the past), folders and files won’t be considered as changed and scan won’t happen for them.

Ensure you have correct time on the device (and on the PC if you’re uploading from it).

If by some reason file modification time is not updated or is always 0 (rarely happens for the custom ROMs) fast scan may fail.

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Well that explains it. What does a file/folder modification time compare to when determining if it has been "changed"? A file's last modification date and the last time a rescan/full rescan was done?

EDIT: I went ahead and made a Bash script to update the modification time on every single file in the album folder and every folder that leads to it, but that still didn't change anything. Rescan still didn't add the album.

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