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Swipe from the left side of the screen to open the library

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As far I know, this isn't a feature.

Just like most android apps, it would be a nice addition being able to access the library swiping the left side of the screen.

Not necessarily as a sidebar, just "fading" the library ("full size") could work.

Why would anyone want that when there's a button right below ? Well, it's a bit frustrating when you're used to do it with every other app or come from other music players.

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11 minutes ago, MotleyG said:

Swipe from the edge changes categories if enabled.

It's always enabled, but it only functions if you are on the first or last track of the current category. Personally I'd like it to be available at any time, to allow category changing for those who do not want to use Pro Buttons. But I agree that side-swipe for library isn't needed when you can already swipe down (or tap on the artwork). Or tap the Library icon if you want to go straight to the top level of the Library.

There have been a number of requests in the past to make the up/down/left/right swipe features plus tap and long-press customisable though. For example to support volume control instead of going to the library, or make up/down change category, etc. Since tapping currently goes to the Library, that too would become a customisable option if you waned to use it elsewhere. This would tie in nicely with making the functions of buttons under the cover artwork customisable too, which is also a long-term request. 



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