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Unable to browse music library via Bluetooth on Android Automotive


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Hi, I use Poweramp to play music in my car (Polestar 2 running Android Automotive OS 11) through BT from my Samsung Galaxy S21+. The playback works nicely (including album art), but I'm not able to browse the music library (located on my phone) using the cars touch screen. The car only displays "no media can be shown" when I try to browse the music library. I therefore must browse the music directly on my phone, which is illegal while driving.

If I do the same playback using the Samsung Music app on my phone, I can browse my music library using the car screen, but I want to use Poweramp. 🙂
It seems Poweramp does not support the GetFolderItems method on AVRCP?
Is there something I need to setup to get this working in Poweramp? 
Any chance you could implement this if it's not already implemented?
Version Info ======================
Build: Poweramp build-933-bundle-play full verified
Store: Play
Unlocker: build-302
Arch: 64
Skin: ActivityTheme_Black
Device: samsung SM-G996B exynos2100 t2s t2sxeea [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi]
Installer: com.android.vending (30.0.20-21 [0] [PR] 439708378)
Android: 12 samsung/t2sxeea/t2s:12/SP1A.210812.016/G996BXXU4CVC4:user/release-keys nb_NO
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@Edvard there are no any avrcp APIs available for apps on Android whatsoever. Instead there are some generic media APIs and Poweramp implements them fully. As for Android Automative, it has set of restricting requirements for app possible features, UI, and APIs so adapting Poweramp to them is not possible.

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My question boils down to: how does the Samsung Music app on my phone support phone music library browsing from the car screen and Poweramp doesn't? 

If Poweramp implements all media APIs, surely I should be able to browse the media library on my phone using the screen in the car when playing music on Poweramp? 

Is there some (Poweramp) setting I'm missing? 

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@Edvard Folder (and other categories) are available in Android Auto, where the open APIs are used. As for the avrcp implementation, this is implemented in firmware and (3rd party) player has no access to that. Some users reported limited success from switching the avrcp version in Android developer settings.

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I've tried AVRCP v1.5 and 1.6, none of which display music library content in my car when using Poweramp, only when using the Samsung Music app. 

If I understand you correctly, the full  AVRCP API on my phone is only available to Samsung, so Poweramp will never be able to utilise it fully? If so, that seems like a weird restriction. 🤔

Basically, my car and my phone support a feature, but only a Samsung app can use it? 

Thanks for your replies. 👍

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Poweramp is not available as an app for Android Automotive OS, so no. 

I can "rough it" using Samsung Music as player on my phone, that works with browsing as well, but it doesn't display album art over Bluetooth. I guess the chances of Samsung Music supporting album art over Bluetooth is higher than Poweramp supporting library browsing over Bluetooth. 😄

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