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Delete saved position for all tracks


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Is there an option to delete all the saved positions of tacks that has been saved with the option "Per track Progress"?

I have some podcasts that I listened to and the directory where these podcasts are in has the option "Per track Progress" switched on.

I want them all to start at the beginning and the new progress time need to be saved so turning off this option is not the answer.



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No, there isn't a way to delete saved positions because the last played position is actually always saved whenever you exit from any track, regardless of what mode you are listening to or whether Per Track Progress has been enabled. This always happens.

However what you can do is simply not enable the 'Per Track Progress' resume function for a folder - so rather than acting on the last-saved position, playback will commence at the beginning. It is the RESUME function that you can turn on or off, not the SAVE function.

You can effectively reset the saved position for an individual song though by starting to play it and then using the scroll bar (or long-pressing on the counter) to return to the start of the track. Then when you return to it later, it will resume playing at the last remembered position of 0:00. The same will happen if you play a song from any category that does not support per-track resuming (e.g. Albums, or All Songs) so it naturally starts at the beginning anyway, which again will be remembered as the 'last played' position when you listen in a category that does support resuming.


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