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any way to get currently playing song?


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I've been trying to find a way to get the currently playing song at any time


I do have a broadcast receiver working which alerts me any time the song metadata or status changes but i'd like to be able to get the information any time.


I tried checking out the provided API from github but no luck so far, anyone can point me to the correct direction?



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Wow the most crucial API functionality I can image, and nobody cares, nobody answers?

I'm also looking for the answer.

So far I found there was a way to get the data from STATUS_CHANGED event, but it looks its not there anymore.

The only way is to get if from TRACK_CHANGED, but I don't want to change track, I want to get info for currently playing track. And besides that track changing is not reliable, its not reacting on automatic track change (at the end of the song).

So again, developers, please respond: is there any way to get currently playing song?

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@sik0vny Tasker intent processing is focused on the receiving them (Intent Received profile). If you want to initiate intent retrieval for some action, widget, button, etc. that may require that java method calling, which Tasker can do but syntax is cumbersome: https://tasker.joaoapps.com/userguide/en/java.html

If you think this may be a feature request (i.e. better integration with the Tasker for the current track and other info retrieval), feel free to post it. Thanks!

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I have done some stuff using Tasker, but more around trying to get the currently playing Playlist and track. I use STATUS_CHANGED, but it doesn't seem to suit your needs as you say.

Could you just use the built-in Tasker variables %mt_artist and %mt_track?

They get populated by most players - if what you're doing needs to be specific to Poweramp then you could add a check on %mt_app = com.maxmpz.audioplayer

Hope this helps?

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