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Add to playlist --> show which playlists it already appears in.

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I have a TON of playlists, for various organizational purposes.  I often play All Songs on shuffle and want to add a single song to different PLs at different times (example: newer PLs or I just want to make sure a song is in all the right PLs). 

I'll scroll through my long list of PLs and tick every one I want it in, just to be sure (sometimes 5+ PLs).  If it's already in the right ones, I just get the "Duplicates not added" message  (=some time and attention wasted). 

It would be so helpful to see an indicator (mark) next to each PL the song is already in.  So, like the toggle marks when you long press in order to add  to multiple PLs... but already populated.  

...Or even some other way to see which PLs a song is already assigned to??

Cheers!.  Loved this app for years...just something I've wished for a while. Organizing my eclectic 110gb (and growing) mobile audio library is a never-ending project.A6r10Jj.jpeg

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Well I learned something new today! I didn't know you could add the same song(s) into multiple playlists at once. 

But it would be adding multiple songs that would pose a problem for what you are suggesting: what if you were adding (for example) 10 songs into some playlists? Would this indicator flag you are suggesting highlight if just one of the songs was already present in a playlists, or only if all of the selected songs are present? It could get pretty messy.

I do recall that there was a Feature Request somewhat along these lines a year or so back, which was to use the Info/Tags screen to list any playlists of which the currently viewed song is a member.


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