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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Poweramp lacks this very basic feature. There are lots of thread on the problem, but tldr, Poweramp does not parse multiple genres separated by ;, / or whatever. Instead, it just reads 'Techno; Dance; Electronic' as a single genre. Foobar2000 android already has this feature. It has been suggested at least since 2011. 6 years later, Im still not able to find a proper answer from the devs on this issue. Would seem like a small fix, if the codebase is flexiable enough. Switching to foobar2000 till this is fixed. Thanks for a great music player.
  2. I know how to add songs in playlist. I want to know how do I add multiple songs in a playlist at once
  3. When I go to close my apps I always see TWO instances of Poweramp running. I submitted this question nearly a year ago (8/26/15) now via email (Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com) with NO response. Hopefully I'll have better luck here.
  4. Hi there, all my mp3s have multiple genre id3-tags. A very nice and comfortable feature of my desktop-player is, to be able search in a very intelligent (boolean) way. For example, i'm having a party at my place and want to choose very quick the appropiate music. I know, there are some people, who like rock music but hate electronic music. What I do with my desktop-player (foobar2000) is: searching for music which is tagged with "party" AND "rock" AND NOT "elektro". In fact, I do have some mp3s which are tagged with all 3 tags "party"; "rock", "elektro" (for example "let forever be" by the Chemical Brothers), but I want that just mp3s with the tags "party" and "rock" AND NOT (!!!) "elektro" appear in my playlist. Is this kind of search already possible with Poweramp? Would be very nice!!! kind regards, SiliasPA
  5. fhumayun

    Be more like XiiaLive

    Greetings - Some of the most amazing features of XiiaLive ( http://bit.ly/JZKHfW ) is how: Volume control within Xiialive doesn't affect global volume / media control. The XiiaLive app itself can have its volume set at, say 30%, while .. XiiaLive allows other audio streams to run atop its own. Often times, I'll be listening to an audiobook via the audible.com app ( using global volume which is much higher ), while relaxing classical/new age music playing at a much lower volume ( set within Xiialive) Does anyone know if Poweramp can co-exist with other audio stream sessions, as well as allow for its own volume settings (which don't affect global volume)? If not, can this be seriously taken into consideration for future implementation? Thanks, Faisal