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Pro Buttons won't stick


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I have a buggy Pixel 6 with Android 12, Nova Launcher 7, Poweramp build 925004-e493ac43. Occasionally I have to fix widgets, not just Poweramp, but all of my playlist widgets have been placed more than once, and are working now🤞

I need help getting the Pro Buttons to stick in the player (they work fine on the widget). They don't turn off in settings, they just go away, and I have to go into the skin settings to turn them off and then back on, which works temporarily until I close the app and reopen it. If I just switch out of the app, and back in, they stick, but when I close and reopen, they're gone. I'm using visualisation #11 with default Seekbar. I've tried turning the Pro Buttons on and rebooting, which worked for resolving playlist widget issues, but not for Pro Buttons.

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@andrewilley even force-closing shouldn't reset any options like that (options are saved as soon as you leave settings page, or move Poweramp to the background, and in few other cases). @TFulton Have you by chance noticed when the pro-buttons disappear for you? Does it revert to "default" state with single Play > button in the center? Do you use any 3rd party skin? Thanks!

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