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Viewing & editing current queue


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When I pick a song to play, a queue is created. I want to be able to view that queue in its entirety and be able to drag songs around to change the order. This is especially important when shuffling.

The closest thing I've found is going to the All Songs tab and selecting the view option to match shuffle order. This doesn't change automatically though, I can't drag songs around, and if I tell it to play a song next, it goes to a separate queue tab, which isn't helpful.

Most music players have this feature, so I'm really surprised that the music player most people praise as the best for android is lacking such a basic and essential feature. If I'm wrong and it's just some setting I'm missing, please correct me. It's a real bummer because Poweramp has everything else I want but I'm forced to use other, worse apps because this is missing a feature I use all the time.

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If you do actually mean you have placed songs in the Queue, then you can edit the order by going to the Library screen and selecting the 'Queue' Category - or if you are already listening to enqueued songs, just tap on the album artwork in the player screen to be taken to the currently playing list (i.e. the Queue). Then long-press on any pending song(s) in the Queue and you can move them up or down or delete. You can add as many songs, albums, folders, etc to the Queue as you like, and they will be played in your desired order until the Queue is completed. The same editing facility is available for Playlists by the way.

However the Queue is not the normal playback method in PA - it's more of a temporary exception to allow a selection of songs to interrupt regular playback. If you simply tap on a song within any regular library category (e.g. a song in the Albums, or Folders, or All Songs categories) then playback will proceeds according to the particular category that you have chosen, using its selected sorting order (which can be changed in the List Options for each Category). This order can be changed by adjusting the sort order, but it can't be manipulated on a per-song basis as it is controlled by the logic for playing Albums, or Folders, etc. 

For more info on how regular Category-based playback works, and how the Queue or Playlists are slightly different, please see 


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