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My settings when using headphones.

Mark Lee

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Does this look OK or can it be improved if so how, want to understand a little more, these are the default setting except for the Treble and bass, sounds warmer, understand a bit on latency but is that OK.




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Latency is merely an indication of how long it is taking to fully process the audio right from the point where the data is read from the file to it finally reaching the output device. Larger buffer sizes or complex hi-res/EQ processing could increase this time. However unless you are trying to synchronise something (such as needing a game sound to come at the same time as a visual element) it's largely irrelevant as long as both audio channels have the same lag.

You might get a better result if you use hi-res output mode, at say 96kHz or 192kHz (24 bit), but that does involve upsampling which many people prefer to avoid. However you are already upsampling from your source 44.1kHz file (i.e. CD quality) to 48kHz, so if you don't set output to level to 44.1kHz too then it can't hurt to upsample further.


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