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Audiotrack or Opensl es Ouput ???

Mark Lee

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Hi, am new here and need some advice. I am using a Samsung tablet (2019) and using Bluetooth to a Denon hifi through Cambridge Audio speakers to listen to my music, also AKG headphones through either the USB c port or the aux, my question is which output is best for these methods, audiotrack or opensl es.

The default is audiotrack for hifi and when using the usb connector but opensl es when using the aux jack, I know they can be changed but will I benefit in sound quality if I do.

I have the levels set as flat and adjusted at the hifi, bass and Treble +2, I know everyone hears sound different but I want to get started on the right footing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Yes, that's what I meant. Some high-end BT devices can handle hi-res, but there's a lot that needs to fit into place in terms of both the phone hardware and its Android firmware for it to work seamlessly. It's not always a case of just changing a setting in PA. If your BT receiver and audio path are hi-res capable, have a look in Android Settings > Developer Options and you may find some frequency/bitrate options in there.


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Thanks, food for thought, I imagined it would be easy to listen to bluetooth, maybe the same as vinyl or cd but it's a bit more complicated than that, think it's easy to get too caught up in the techno instead of just enjoying the music, suppose there's something to be said about default settings, I just hope that it's better that way.

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There are not difference between the outputs, at least there should not be any difference for normal use. 

Still there is difference due to the ROMs (some firmwares may break one or another). OpenSL is generally a bit more stable, but again, may be broken on some ROMs. Poweramp has list of the devices known to have issues with one or another output, so defaults may choose one or another output for the appropriate output device.

Also, AudioTrack is capable for Hi-Res output on Bluetooth and USB on recent Androids, but if Hi-Res output is available it may be a better alternative.

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