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Another option to library

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This is actually something that crops up in requests fairly often, for example:

It is apparently in Max's short-to-medium term to-do list (see https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19240-now-playing-listqueue-feature/?do=findComment&comment=97287).

It would be for viewing only though, with the ability to choose to start playing a different song from anywhere within the entire flattened list. You would not be able to move songs up or down in the running order, or remove songs, as that would break the current playback method (which is predefined by the chosen playback Category and the various List Options sort order settings).

Note to self: I really must get around to compiling that 'Frequently Requested Features' list that I keep promising to help find these regular threads. That feature would be quite near the top I suspect, along with synced/LRC lyrics and several other regular topics.



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