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No sd card write access

Jeff Dow

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Hey, I can no longer delete songs from library from the app it doesn't have write permissions to external sd card I know androids scoped storage is a nightmare but I go through the permissions and there isn't even a files and media permission anymore and even if I select specific music folder containing full library It still doesn't grant access it says it does but won't delete songs I don't want as I go through them. Latest beta build 918 apk you updated for Android 12 phone is samsung s20 exynos running Android 12 stable release. Screw Android and their privacy focused storage crap, I get why it's good but damn it's causing me grief with lots of apps. Any help to fix the issue would be great developer or anyone else who knows. Still best music playet available on Android by far have had this since my first Android phone. EDIT: seems to be working now but no clue what I did 😕 

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Actually, once given, permissions should allow read/write access. Android 11+ still may remove permission for "unused" apps. While "unused" is 30 days on stock Android, I've seem permission removed much much earlier (on Samsung phones). But in case of permission removal, Poweramp can't even play tracks, not just write tags or delete.

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