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M3U8-files playlist alike players


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Its about this thread

My next troubleshoting step is to test another free music player-app and return with the result wether the lag was present with the other music player on my phone

But to have motivation enough the playlist must be transfered also  :) cause i might not buy a new phone tommorow

So my question  is (this have probably been answered  by andrewilleyin some of my past threads about other subjects where i might have asked this and then forgotten)

Are there any free players than can import M3U8-files into its library? or convert them playable?r or copy paste the texts through wordpad into new playlist-formats?

I need an advice for a player that someone have experience done this part operation.


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On 12/12/2021 at 10:58 PM, andrewilley said:

M3U (or its Unicode variant M3U8 for wider character set requirements) is just plain text, anything can read it.

At its simplest, it is simply a list of audio filenames, with the full directory path details.


Are you saying that no matter what playlist-type of file that stil unknown music player will create, 

that playlist  will be able to openin wordpad and then i can copy-paste over the text from the current PA-playlist?

Can you please give me name of a player that have a similar import function for text-files


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On 12/14/2021 at 8:26 PM, andrewilley said:

M3U playlist files (and the Unicode version M3U8) are plain text, you can view and edit them at will - e.g. in Wordpad or any other text editor - and use them in any app that supports playlists. They are not complex, merely a list of paths/filenames.


So when i shall search for test-player apps, have you ever have periods using other music player-apps that did support playlists ;) or shall i look in the description for "supports playlist" or they will not?

Cause i guess that when i search appstore i will get prob 20009 results and that will cost some Mb to download wrong test-player

Thank you

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Almost all decent music player apps support M3U playlists. As I said, at their simplest they are really nothing more than a list of audio files. Officially Unicode playlists should be named using the M3U8 extender, but some apps don't support that part of the spec and only look for M3U. Try renaming to M3U if that happens to you.


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