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  1. Thank you, turns out it have never ben active.....and i have missed some items lolz
  2. This is odd, since i cant have auto-scaning enabled anung i press the button manually....but just today i notice it didnt find all my new added files It seems like PA with recent updates? have induced some kind of idiotic? rule that it wont scan my small Mp3-files with quotes any longer? We talk about 33 - 104 kb files that are maybe 4 seconds long, i have hundress of them allready working in PA, but cant add new any longer it seems`?....thats the only reason i can think about why it exvludes this filess since new added larger files are being scanned and found
  3. You re right, i had moved PA to SD-card, now the crap-phone claim it have moved it back to internal storrage, but in reality that didnt happen And the settings stil claim SD-card location for exporting PA settings, so that is also proof it didnt work i removed my last app that wasnt acute and i still only have 395 mb that is not enough for PA to update However i notice that i have actually never cleared my app-cache with my app, therefore i have 50 mb of cache that i need free now, what do i delete if i delete cache? anything important? Secondly, i notice i must deactivate auto-library scan, as soon as i activate it...the never ending scan returns and hoog performance
  4. I have a cache clearing app for that (360 security lite) hmmm....i could uninstall Quora if you insist....i have been afraid to loose some settings just.... So you confim that its in the latest version you can choose internal memory to save your settings?
  5. There is no option to choose export location in PA Build 838, it have choosen SD-card as the only option I dont have any free space to update PA, and if i uninstall and reinstall i loose the settings lol 371 mg is not enough for a little update for some reason
  6. yes i know about the license, i have uninstalled all apps i dont need and i still only have 371 mg free, how much do you have? There is a risk if i uninstall that the new version thats out is going to be to big in size therefore i cant even unistall my favourite apps like PA in my situation. I just need a new phone faster than i want
  7. Thanks have never seen this setting before as usual with my phone though.. no backup file (same as playlist) are being created at that SD-card location where PA claims it have been created after you press the button. But what if i remove the SD-card from the phone and reinsert it to see if it resolve? will there be any setting losses?, i have all my music on the SD-card...connected to the playlists Seems to me i have manage to fix the accuall scanning problem now, there was 1 deleted song-titel-remain inside one of the playlist, that i now have manually removed and now the performance is back all of sudden However i still wanna hear your answer about succeding to export setitngs. I also earlier saved some playllists on my SD-card on a location i picked myself...and i cant get it of the phone to harddrive and that is related to the issue that the settings doesnt export to SD-card, so i think its the phone (Lenovo A Plus) rather than the SD-card that act as its write protected "Error while copying file or map: Unidentified error" when i try to copy the Mp3u8 to harddrive, if im getting a new phone i need to get this Mp3u8 of this phone
  8. So if im gonna test uninstall i guess it will download the newest version next time installning, and unistalling & reinstall will that remove my settings? like output device etc i dont wanna remake those hard options
  9. Lately PA Build 838 have started to fail for me in thermes of....it performs new library rescans ("Scanning folders...." including a "Full Rescan" at the same time) After it pretend to be done scanning it will restart a new scan as soon as i start to navigate inside my playlist....so this scanning have lasted for 5 days now..and this is clearley what is now causes performance problems when i swipe for next song, there is a delay cause of this I have tested restart my phone also I can't update PA to latest build cause i dont have enough space on my phone. Anything else i can test? before i get myself a my new phone
  10. Lenovo A plus Android 5.1 I dont know what rom version and audio-output i have so you can choose from this screendump Poweramp Build 830:
  11. Accutally i noticed oretty long time ago now.... that the error is not fixed, do you have any further calibrations? please
  12. Ok im currently testing this new setting form blaubär, so far so good If nothing changes i thank you
  13. Output: Flags 0xAO NO_HEADROOM_GAIN FLT_EXTENDED_DYN RANGE Latency 93ms Buffers: 1X (46 ms 20448 audioframes)
  14. Everyhing is deafult setted, i have never visited this section before, i have only messed with the main equalizer settings since in not an advanced user You told me to increase buffer size, and i took for granted you ment inside Chromecast output but i see now that there are several settings yes...that i have no clue what it means OpenSL: Everything is deactivated by deafult Audiotrack output: Everything is activated by deafult excluded USB DAC Its you who must suggest me what i shall sett the buffer to i think, i see 2 menus of interest "Speaker" and "Other output devices" Hi - Res Output: I have now activated USB DAC Its "buffer size "setting is more complicated than the chromecast counterpart Shall i increase both "Buffer ms"=50ms and Buffers=2 to what different value?
  15. The only thing i found there was "chromecast output" i increased buffer size from 1500 to 2100ms just for fun
  16. I believe that my combination of personal sounds-settings inside PA creates an incompatibility that make up this pretty rare but even though frequent random error occuring upon switching song only....where i instead of music can hear a substaining hacking noice and it wont go away if switching to another song. the only resett is to close down PA and pull out the earphones and reinsert them, both actions in combiantion seem to be needed to fix it But no...this is not a earphone problem since i have tested different earphones and this happen in all earphones, but a problem occuring inside or whit PA Any ideas what it could be?
  17. Thanks both, however i have realized again that this mission to overall rebuild is doomed However sice i didnt expect an answer for this i was fast enough to ask at another forum and i got a tip of a sofware that shall be even easier than comand line prompt and Linux https://www.karenware.com/powertools/karens-directory-printer
  18. Well i keep saying to you that im going to perform that laborious thing, and i have a vision clear how to do it now ...so my probably last question is a step in that... Do you know any tricks how i can copy this file-names (the songs) to be able to create similar list inside notepad?
  19. Thanks, now i got information enough to force myself to google-discover the "replace function" in notepad i have never used, and i cannnot use it just yet to solve this problem Since my files are splitted and into different subfolders...and since the files in each folders are different from the old M3U8 playlist...it wont help me to rename the folders on my SD-card to re-fit the old M3U8 directory anyway The only way out of this is to somehow create just a text-listing of all the items inside each new subfolder on the SD-card so i can later copy those lines into my M3U8 -notepad and then use the replace function. When i browsed my SD-card and mass-highlighted all my files in a subfolder (but failed to copy their names into notepad) i did find a right click feat "create Sansa Playlist File" ...by doing so in Windows explorer instead of haning to manually re-create the large playlist inside PA just to be able to export a text-file out of it....however i dont have any Sansa unit and i also wanna use the M3U8-way...so i therefore tested to see if i could just paracite on it..by open such a playlist like PLA into a text-editor...but i didnt have notebook....i would have appretiated if PLA files would be convertable to M3U(8)?.... so i could then open it inside notepad Do you have any workaround-tip here?
  20. Yes i have created new first level of subfolders named "Delx", i could have named the folders exactley the same...however the files that have been splitted out into each new subfolders are anyway totaly different from the last SD-cards counterpart (but the songs are the same), that was unavoidable in this case....which means i dont know any longer which "Del" folder each item have landed into, so i will have a double search and find project here...why its probably faster to create a new playlist "and replace each occurrence with:" The folder "Musik 5" only....contains 70 items that i must change I told you my playlist was big..i dont see how this will go fast yet "Search and Replace is a fairly basic function in any decent text editor. Just load the M3U8 file into the editor, use the search feature to find whatever text that you want to replace on each line, and tell it to 'Replace All' with the appropriate new path details." And here is what i dont understand that sounds like it would speed up the process.....this "replace all" feat you talk about, i have never seen this technique in my life i think... i dont get any visual picture in my mind, so could you please either post a screenhot or do my work for me as i offerered you to help with
  21. Yes thats correct "but you have not said what the NEW lines need to" I have attempted to tell you that the new location are simply 5 new subfolders inside the paths based on my old file system /storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda/Del1 /storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda/Del2 /storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda/Del3 /storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda/Del4 /storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda/Del5 "Assuming, as I keep saying, that you have not changed the rest of your subfolders layout and thus effectively broken the entries in the playlist completely. " I dont know what you mean with "the rest" Here is an example of an old subfolder that have ceased to exist "/storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda/Music 2/06 Armed & Dangerous.mp3" So obviosly you need to replace Music2 with a new subfolder to either of this "Del" folders Alterernate i have offered in previous posts to move all my files from these 5 new subfolders to just "/storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda/ to make is ismpler for you, and im waiting for your answer there. That was part one Part two is that i stil don understand how you are going to use ".Search and Replace" here...so im need you practial examples probably but first we must past part 1
  22. I want you to edit it, with that batch search&replace method that i dont understand how that multiply 2000+ songs without doing the edit 2000+ times I have splitted them between these 5 folders on the SD-card to make things worse for your edit, i could offcourse move them to just one subfoldder if you want? Del1, Del2, Del3, Del4, Del5, /storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda/Del1 etc
  23. I have no idea what batch search&replace mean in english, and i know that im gonna need somekind of screenshot to understand what you mean how this could be easy In fact im going to atleast offer you to download my rared.playlist here "original path.rar" and you can please edit it for me and send it back, and i will look and learn and then i can do it myself on my other 4 playlists The lowest common denominator between my 2 SD cards is that the main folder is named identical /storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda All we can do is to truncate the today inaccurate sub-folders original path.rar
  24. Yes, but the problem is that since my playlist is 2000+ items large, its imposible to multiply the new edits command lines, withoutg going down to individual edits I offered a compromise that i think PA 3.0 scanner will not accept, to exclude the acctual songs att the end just one line with the "main folder" /storage/sdcard1/Lotsen från Gädda I will be forced to redo this list
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