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signin issues password quits working


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I can't get signed in again.  I ran Ccleaner the other day and now i can't sign in.  I used my saved username and password from google.  I forgot to write down my password so I can't reminder which one i used but i keep getting locked out before i guess the right one.  I've had this issue with this forum before.  So i had to make a new password but now i have to make it more complicated and no matter how many times i tried it says the passwords don't match when making a new one.  I gave up and clicked next or whatever and it finally took it even though it said it didn't match.  I don't understand why my password quit working in the first place.  This is the second time i had this problem with this forum.  Things was really borked with Android central trying to sign in last summer after running CCleaner.   it must be corrupting the saved passwords.  


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CCleaner has nothing to do with online activity, apart from the fact it might have cleared saved passwords from your browser which would previously have been auto-entered for you.

Make sure you are using your account EMAIL address to sign in, not your forum username.

The password complexity rules are set by the forum software, but should not prevent you from creating a new password using the "Forgot Your Password?" link and your email address. The rules are pretty common for strong passwords, minimum 8 characters (more is better), requires at least one uppercase, lowercase, number, and a special symbol (!,$,%,etc). Common dictionary words are discouraged.

I just reset the password for by backup testing account and it worked perfectly (I used 10 characters, following the above rules).

If you are still having problems, I can reset your password remotely, although you would still be strongly advised to change it to something of your own choosing afterwards.

Please DM me if you wish to do this.


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