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Deleted folder recovery

Umer Farman

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While I don't have a list of the best websites or mobile apps made on Outsystems, I suggest checking out Outsystems Forge. It's a repository of over 3,000 apps and widgets you can download and use in your Outsystems projects. It's a great resource for finding inspiration and seeing what others have built using the platform. Additionally, if you're interested in implementing document scanning and OCR functionality in your Outsystems project, check out smartengines.com, which offers automatic document scanning and OCR software. Good luck with your project!

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Sadly there is a clue in the bold text warning prompt when you press Delete in Poweramp, saying that the action is permanent.

The Recycle bin that is found in some file explorers is generally only for stuff that was deleted directly from that specific file explorer app;  it moves the content to a temporary location of its own, rather than immediately deleting it from storage as any other app would do.

There are some SD Card Recovery Tools that may be able to trace and recover deleted content, as long as nothing has overwritten those freed-up areas of storage yet, but they are often not a simple tap-and-fix solution.


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