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Equalizer bands

Nay Nay

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There is also another question about the parametric equalizer. I researched a bit about them and found that overall they only allow 10 bands. Why on Poweramp I could choose up to 64 ? What mentioned in the specifications of the equalizers in general (not being digital) were limitations, which the Poweramp does not have?

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There is something very wrong with either your headphone choice or device if you think you need 64 bands of equalization, whether it be graphic or parametric. Even the most intricate EQs for consumer are 31 band (these are known as 1/3 octave). Parametric EQs have much greater capabilities with adjustable frequency base, gain, and curve width, so these tend to have just four to seven bands.

Poweramp offers the flexibility to have a significant number of bands based on theoretical ability. But in practice it is just impractical to expect to need that much precise adjustment control.

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@MotleyG I don't use 64 bands, that was the maximum amount it showed. I felt confused by the fact that you could put 64 different bands, as other parametric equalizers only allowed 10.  in my current EQ I only use 7 (in parametric).

3 hours ago, MotleyG said:

Há algo muito errado com sua escolha de fone de ouvido ou dispositivo se você acha que precisa de 64 bandas de equalização, seja gráfica ou paramétrica. Mesmo os equalizadores mais complexos para o consumidor são de 31 bandas (conhecidos como 1/3 de oitava). Os equalizadores paramétricos têm recursos muito maiores com base de frequência ajustável, ganho e largura de curva, portanto, tendem a ter apenas quatro a sete bandas.

O Poweramp oferece a flexibilidade de ter um número significativo de bandas com base na capacidade teórica. Mas, na prática, é impraticável esperar a necessidade de um controle de ajuste tão preciso.

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