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Duplicate 'ghost' album .....


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So. I have all my music as mp3s stored on an SDCard. There is a 'root' folder here called 'mp3' and every album I have is in an individual folder under mp3. No nested folders.  Recently I got an album as mp3s which was a duplicate of an existing one but recorded at a better quality so I copied all my tags and replaced the folder/existing  album on my sdcard. I then did a full rescan.


What I have now is a copy of both albums in the datebase BUT only one album on the card. I have checked and I have this album only once on my phone (I'm rooted so used a file manager to search the whole thing - only one instance). Within Poweramp I see 2 albums under artists, album artists and albums. 'Folders' just sees the one album/folder. Checking the tags and Poweramp reckons it can see both old and new versions. Both play. However ......


.... I'm thinking that Poweramp has somehow got confused by me doing a rescan with seemingly the same album in the same (name-wise anyway) folder with all tags to all songs the same. The only difference would be tags such as bit rate and things like song length (a second or so different for some) plus file size.


Anyone seen this before? Not exactly losing sleep over it just thought it was curious and would like to know why (user error/bug?). I'm thinking I'll just delete the folder, full rescan (hopefully that'll remove both copies) then replace the folder and rescan again. Any comments/information needed before I do this?



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9 hours ago, andrewilley said:

If both play, then either you still have a copy of the old files present, or somehow two database entries are pointing at the same file.

Long-press on each song in turn and select 'Info/Tags', and PA will show you the path location of the file that it refers to.

Ah. Didn't notice that 'tag', must be my eye sight what with being an old bar steward ... Both albums do point to the same folder location so I'm assuming that this is a bug where the database doesn't get cleared for some reason? Should be easy enough to duplicate though.

I deleted the folder and did a full rescan. Poweramp now showed no presence of said album, in folders, albums, artists or album artists which was to be expected. I copied the folder back and another full rescan and it  now just appears the 'once' where it should do.

It would seem that a full rescan holds onto some information in these circumstances so it should be something for Max to look into when he has a spare ( :-)  ) 5 minutes. I suppose it could be some cache issue but I did clear that as well. At least if it happens again (unlikely for me though possible) I know how to get around it.


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