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Is there a way to get PA Equilizer full version without the play store?


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I recently set up my phone with LineageOS + microG. I can retreive my Poweramp unlocker if I connect with Aurora store, but the license check then fails.

Since there is a web version, I can buy it again from there, I doubt there is a way to move my license from store to non store (but correct me if there is ^^)

But more importantly, is there a way to do the same for the equilizer? I don't have pro version yet, but I was thinking of getting it. Can I get it without playstore?

Thanks :)

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See Max comment from a couple of hours ago in "Issue doing payment" thread.


Actually, the "uni" website APK allows direct purchase via website - process similar to Poweramp player - you get orderId and use that via Settings / Restore Purchase / Website. 


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