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Completely bypass or disable equalizer bands


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For whatever reason, setting different number of bands used in equalizer results audible effects on the sound output through my phone, basically higher number used means sharper sound and I hate it.

I do not use the equalizer at all, I tried all ways possible to disable the equalizer (in equalizer page and device output), but the effect persists and audio info page also suggests that the audio always goes through 'bands' section.

It would be great if I can completely turn that off or bypass it.

Currently using the google play build 905 arm64 on Oneplus 6.

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@andrewilley I mentioned I have already done those actions and the effect still persists.

But nvm, by having a clear parametric equalizer band, the new version seems to have already solved my problem and adapted my feature suggestion. The sound now feels much richer than before and I like it.

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