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Bluetooth settings

Yash O

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To get the best sound for you, connect your headphones, go to the Poweramp equalizer settings, then tune each slider to your preferred sound position, when you are done, save it with whatever name. Headphones differs, so is the sound they produce likewise our ears ability. 

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You may also find someone has created an EQ profile for your particular model of headphones in the internet Auto-EQ database. see https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq/tree/master/results . I would suggest applying any listed 'Parametric' settings rather than the Graphic ones if you can.

You can enter the numbers by hand, or to make it simpler you can save the linked Parametric EQ 'yourdevicename.txt' file from that website to your phone. Then in PA, with your headphones connected, in the EQ screen tap the 'Save' button and create a basic preset and name it for your BT headphones (make sure to also tick the box for your headphone name only, not the overall Bluetooth box). Once created, open the the Presets list and long-press on that new item that you've just created, and use 'Import' to load the contents of the .txt file you previously downloaded. That EQ profile will then be applied whenever you connect those particular BT headphones.


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