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  1. Can you recommend the right Bluetooth settings for Poweramp..I sometimes feel the sound to be low and high while listening on my Wireless headset
  2. When I use the headset remote button to play music after a long pause, it takes a few seconds for Poweramp to wakeup. I have checked keep service enabled and battery optimisation turned off. Is there a suggestion for this? Thanks in advance You guys are great!
  3. Thanks Andre! Noted it...the Poweramp is going well in my current MotoG, but faced such issues in previous phones but never received this suggestion. It's annoying if the Poweramp doesn't Resume after a long pause, through Headset Remote control button. Are there any possibilities that the UI in certain phones might conflict with the settings?, cause it wasn't an issue in the earlier Android versions, in fact there wasn't a need for me to even modify these settings.
  4. I don't see this option in Android 10, can you share the alternate location?
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all safe! I am using Power amp Build 905, and my Android is 10. I am used to listening to Music on the go, via a wired/wireless headset. When needed, I would usually pause the Music, and then after a while say 5 or 10 minutes, I would press the remote button on the headset to resume the music. This functionality used to be perfect in the earlier Android versions and Smartphones, however in the recent years, I have noticed this functionality not to be working, the Power amp doesn't resume after pressing the headset remote key. I have to manually unlock the phone and press the play button to resume the Music. This is so annoying after years of usage. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Any suggestions to fix this issue? Thanks in advance
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