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"Kz Zsn Pro X Earphones" Button Controls Not Working Properly In Poweramp On Xiaomi Mi A2 lite

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Build #: 895-905Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (4gb ROM, 64 GB RAM; international edition)

Phone Model: Xiaomi Mi A2 lite (4gb rom, 64gb ram; international edition)

OS: Android 10

Steps To Produce The Problem: Just put Poweramp on the background or turn the screen off.



Nature of the Problem

     On previous versions of Android 10 and previous versions of Poweramp, the buttons of my earphones in general work perfectly with Poweramp. But recently, the buttons of my KZ ZSN Pro X IEM's don't work with Poweramp. The buttons may seem working fine if Poweramp is opened, but as soon as you press the home button, or maybe turn of the screen, the buttons only pause and play the music. The double-click-to-skip-to-next-track and the triple-click-to-skip-to-previous-track functions stop working. I've tried my Kz earphones buttons on other apps (like AIMP or GoneMad Music Player) and they seem to be working just fine, even when they are just background processes or the screen is turned off. Please look into this as it is quite a frustrating problem.

Thank you for your future cooperation.

- FranZs


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6 hours ago, Captain Noodles said:

Nvm it's fixed now. Thanks Andre.

I assume you found build 909 from here on the site? The Play Store is always a bit behind.


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