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Problem with cue files


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I have a problem with cue files, because some split songs visible as split in folders play as a single whole song no matter where it starts. This happens regardless of the number split in the file. Sometimes it is the 4th track and this is why the next cue file is played instead of jumping to the next random 10th. I listen on the queue randomly where after the finished track it should jump to the next random, and after the finished track the next cue file is played and when I want to switch for the next in line, I jump by two and don't play the skipped track. This is what happens on the Poweramp version 3. Everything was fine on version 2.

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If you are seeing the entire unsplit file in addition to the 'pseudo tracks' created by a CUE file, have you tried turning off Settings > Library> 'Show CUE Disc Image Files' ? Presumably you only have multi-track CUE files which are there to split larger 'whole disc' audio files into sections, not CUE files which only point to a single audio file containing one track? The latter are pointless as far as Poweramp is concerted and should probably be deleted.

Otherwise, it's a bit hard to work out exactly what you are saying. Could you detail recreating the specific issue step-by-step, so it might be possible for someone to try to duplicate the problem? Also could you post one of the problem CUE files here please, they are plain text so can easily be pasted into a post.


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I can see split files, 'Show CUE Disc Image Files' is turned off. This is an example cue file:

REM GENRE Pop,Europop,Reggae
REM COMMENT ExactAudioCopy v1.0b3 (RoxMan)
PERFORMER "Bluelagoon"
TITLE "Clublagoon"
FILE "Bluelagoon - Clublagoon.flac" WAVE
    TITLE "Blessed"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE "I Won't Let You Down"
    INDEX 01 00:38:06
    TITLE "The Best"
    INDEX 01 03:57:51
    TITLE "Break My Stride"
    INDEX 01 07:43:22
    TITLE "Biscuit"
    INDEX 01 10:44:60
    TITLE "Oxygen"
    INDEX 01 14:44:09
    TITLE "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?"
    INDEX 01 17:54:63
    TITLE "Club Lagoon"
    INDEX 00 21:23:63
    INDEX 01 21:25:08
    TITLE "Stop That Train"
    INDEX 01 24:07:63
    TITLE "In Da Dancehall"
    INDEX 01 27:53:15
    TITLE "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)"
    INDEX 00 31:37:33
    INDEX 01 31:38:59
    TITLE "Chocolatino"
    INDEX 01 35:13:56
    TITLE "Souljah's Wisdom"
    INDEX 01 38:40:37
    TITLE "Love Is The Key"
    INDEX 01 42:39:38
    TITLE "Now That We Found Love"
    INDEX 01 46:05:71
    TITLE "Jah Call"
    INDEX 00 49:39:42
    INDEX 01 49:40:50

for example, after playing a random track, Poweramp moves to track number 7 and then, after it has finished, it continues to play in the order number 8 and 9 from the cue file. When I switch to the next track, the playlist jumps 2 tracks. I listen to a queue of randomly selected songs. The strange thing is that when you pick a song from the same cue file from the queue, the queue palette can normally switch to another random song. Sometimes when it gets stuck it plays from the cue file in the order of the cue file.

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First, the CUE file content seems OK to me.

As to your description, I'm still not sure what you are getting at. Could you let us know STEP-BY-STEP what you are doing, and what the results are. e.g. you don't say what library Category you are using, how you are starting playback, what repeat/shuffle modes you are using, etc. You mention the Queue - which in Poweramp is a specific playback method not just a general term for playing music - are you enqueuing songs with the ">> Queue" feature, or are you playing them normally from a Library Category?

For example, this is one way to play songs from a 'CUE' album at random, which I just tried and it worked perfectly for me:

  • View the 'Artists' Library Category, and tap on an Artist's name to see the list of their Albums.
  • Tap on an Album name (one that was created from a CUE file).
  • With the list of songs showing (all marked as being of type "cue") tap on the Shuffle icon at the top-left of the list.
  • Playback should then commence with a random song from that list.
  • Go back to the Player screen (using the Back button, or just tap on the mini-player bar at the bottom of the screen).
  • Listen to the whole song, and let the next one start (or press >> to more quickly advance to the next track).
  • The next song played should be another random choice from the same CUE-generated 'album'.
  • Keep going until all of the songs from that 'album' have been played, which should all be in random order.

What happens next depends on your setting of the 'Repeat' icon. If you have it set to 'Advance Category', you should next hear another randomly chosen album by the same artist, also with its songs played in shuffled order. And so on for all of their albums.


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I am using the latest version. I had no problems with v2. Problems occur with v3 Poweramp. Ok. I copy music folders to SD card, then do a full library scan. After adding files to the library, I go to the music folders. I select all folders and add them to the queue and then play all songs in random order in the queue. I have Poweramp v3 installed on two phones and the same is happening on both. With v2 I had no such problems, all tracks were split from cue files without any problem. Note that this does not happen on every cue file. This is a random problem, as if at some point Poweramp suddenly saw one file instead of a split one. I also understand that if this was happening from the very first track in the cue file it would be ok but it would be in a random track in the cue file. In addition, when switching this track to the next, it jumps by two, which results in skipping one track. When switching from a normal track to be played in sequence, this problem does not arise because switching normally causes the track to go to the next track.

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OK, a bit puzzled still.

You say you go into the 'Folders' category view and select ALL folders - as in everything in your library. Presumably you do this by long-pressing on one folder name and then tapping 'All' then '>> Queue' ? And then you add them all to the Queue? Why? If you just want to listen to all songs shuffled, why not go into the All Songs category and just tap the Shuffle icon at the top? No need to mess around with adding to the temporary Queue at all. How do you then start shuffling, by tapping the icon on the player screen?

When this issue occurs and one CUE-generated track segues directly into the next track in the same album, rather than a new random track, does the song Title/etc info change to display the new song, or does the counter simply carry on past the end of the first song?

You also say "when switching this track to the next, it jumps by two, which results in skipping one track". How do you know that has happened, if the tracks are random you won't know what is meant to be next so how do you know it jumped by two? 

Do remember that even in shuffled mode, occasionally (by the nature of randomness) you may happen to find two tracks from the same album will occur back-to-back. But it's not very common, I just had it happen once while testing a fairly small set of CUE-generated folders.


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Yes exactly. I do not know why, probably out of habit, because for some time I started adding songs to the queue and it remained so. When this problem occurs, neither the counter nor the song title change. If such playback starts and I switch to the next track, I see in the background that one track has jumped and the counter changes by two tracks. For now, I'm testing how you wrote random play without queue. I have about 1000 songs added, listened to about 100 and so far this problem has not occurred.

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