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Crashes when exporting playlists.


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When exporting playlists it hangs and causes my file explorer program to not work anymore and I have to restart the phone before everything is normal. When I restart I notice one or more of the playlists exported are 0.0kb. When I go into the playlists I find broken/missing files. Once I remove them and export again the problem is gone.

I don't know why the files are showing as broken. Usually the files are ones i haven't touched in years. I go into the library and there the song is and i can re-add it but it's also showing as an unknown artist as if there's two copies of the same song. Almost every time I do a full rescan I get broken files showing as unknown artist, but then I go into the library and there the file is. I can't remember exactly when this started but I know it's always done it in 905. Sometimes I have to rescan 3-4 times before I have 0 unknown artists and each time the list changes.

Happened on Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia 5 II

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How do the files "show as broken"? This does sound like possibly a file system corruption issue, the full rescan process first crawls the folder structure looking for files, then it gets the metadata from each file in turn. If different results are happening on successive rescans, there is somewthing wrong with the way the file system is responding.

I would suggest backing up what you can (maybe use something like New Playlist Manager to backup the internal playlists, perhaps that will be able to do it without crashing?) and then reformat your SD Card. Then, if that shows as clean, copy everything back again from a backup. As the files will register as new (the path to the SD Card will be updated) you may lose transient database things like ratings, play counts, etc. 


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