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Hi-Res Output


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 Hello. I've been using Poweramp for quite some time now. I recently got a new phone (Realme 7 Pro) and it was Hi-Res certified. I then switch to listening on flac. My issue was that my 24bit 48kHz songs were being down sampled to 16bit by the Hi-Res Output. Although the AAudio Output can give me 24bit playback on Float32. I don't know what else to do to fix this. My Poweramp is on build 905.

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I found an article from XDA and I found that putting sample output to 96kHz did the job for me. But will there be future updates that would let me play my music bit-perfect, no resampling, and direct access to phone's DAC? That would be awesome since I really love this player.

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Some device firmwares only allow certain bit-depths with certain high-res frequency settings. e.g. Samsungs usually force less than 96kHz output to 16-bit, up to 192kHz gives 24-bit, and above that is 32-bit. There are others that do not support 44.1 kHz (CD quality) at all, forcing the final stages of the output process to their assigned default of 48kHz.

Bit-perfect following of the source data is something that Max rejected quite a long time ago. Partly for the above issues, but also because changing the frequency on the fly between files would introduce glitches/noise, and it would break things like gapless playback and crossfading.


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That explains why Hi-Res Output on my device will only okay 24bit files when set to 96kHz. Thanks for the response. I hope the app will still improve in performance in terms of audio and other stuff. Cheers!

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