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Preamp value is saved within EQ presets, but then not reverted back when EQ is turned off


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the preamp value is saved with EQ settings in each preset, but when the equalization is turned off the preamp remains there ...

I think it should be reverted to zero, or even better , to the value it had before turning the equalization on.

Best, S.

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The preamp slider doesn't manipulate the audio at all, other than to apply an overall gain (volume) value. If set, it remains operational even if the other EQ/Tone settings are disabled. But I do see what you mean about it being applied as part of a preset but not disabled when you stop using that preset.


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Hi Andre,

thanks for your answer,

what I mean is that if I start with a zero preamp, then turn on an EQ preset that have a non-zero preamp saved in, when I turn that EQ off,  the preamp remains at the value saved in that preset, and needs to be set to zero by hand, that's odd (!)

I would expect that when a certain feature is turned on, and then off, all the setting reverts back as they where before turning that feature on ...


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