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Hi, my name is Jeremy Crews.  I love your product and have a Poweramp customer through the last 4 phones that I have owned.  I have a problem that started in the last month or so.  I shut off Poweramp, hit the play button to make it stop when I'm done with it.  Every time I start my vehicle it starts up Poweramp.  I don't know how to make Poweramp come on only when I prompt it and not at other times.  I've tried the methods recommended in other threads to no avail.  Please help me solve this problem as I love this App and don't want to have to delete it but it's very aggrevating to have to make a song stop playing several times a day.  Oh, it also starts it up when I have a call on my bluetooth on vehicle and don't answer the call...a song starts playing every time.  Other than this problem I give you an atta boy...this is a great App.  Thank you, 


Jeremy Crews

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There are options to control auto-resume in Poweramp, see PA Settings > Headset/Bluetooth.

If this happen even when these options are turned off though, it's not Poweramp that is requesting playback but the car head-unit's connection sequence. When it next happens, take a look at PA Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands to see what events the Bluetooth device has sent, I think you'll find it is sending a button event such as KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY or KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE (usually an ACTION_DOWN followed by ACTION_UP).


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I will add, Poweramp ignores incoming commands for 1 second right after BT connection. This covers most cases of the headunits immediately sending PLAY/RESUME command after the connection. Probably in your case commands are issued with some delay - it can be clearly visible from that "Last Processed Commands" log.

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